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Website Design...

...may seem to be a fairly simple proposition: Make sure your company logo is displayed, for example, and that there's a way for visitors to get from one page to the next. See how easy that was? But if that's all you have, it's not nearly enough!

Web design professionals know that there's more to a Web site than its onscreen appearance, and that those things can make a significant difference in how effective an online presence turns out to be for you and your business. But that doesn't mean appearance should be ignored or that your Website doesn't also need a professional-quality graphic design! Did you know that more than 90% of site visitors say they judge a business based on the appearance of its Website? Or that design templates are to be avoided at virtually all costs?

At The ArtD'partment, we know that site design factors ranging from domain name selection to how the site's files are arranged; from basic Search Engine Optimization to color choices; and from the kind of content to the quantity of content can either help you or hurt you. We'll create a design for you that incorporates those "invisible" but important elements as well as ensures your site looks good, too. (You can see some examples of our work on our Website Construction page.)

Website Redesign

If you already have a Website, it may be that you'd benefit from a redesign! The Internet evolves at great speed, and a Website that was a perfectly good and well functioning site just a few years ago could be sadly (and obviously) outdated today. If it's been awhile since your site was built, contact The ArtD'partment to see if it's time for an update.

ArtD'partment Website before redesignOur own Website is a great example. When our previous site was designed some years ago, it adhered to the Web standards of the time. It was designed to use the viewing area of the most common computer monitor, and it incorporated the once-popular "roll-over" menu. But the Internet evoloved, and our site began to look more and more dated with each passing update on the Web. At right, you can see where we started. In our redesign, the content remained much the same (though, of course, many portfolio updates were made), and we held to our business logo and colors, but there's a very clear difference! Of course, we also added many "invisible" elements as an integral part of the site redesign and update.


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