The ArtD'partment, LLC

Old radio (photo courtesy akeeris,

Radio Advertising

Old school? Yes. Radio advertising has been a mainstay of marketing almost as far back as radios itself. But that doesn't mean it's outdated or outmoded today!

There are, of course, some radio ads that are more effective than others. Why? Because some radio ads are simply better than others! What makes one ad "better" than another ranges from target audiences, to the featured service or product, to the way in which it's presented.The ArtD'partment will learn about your campaign focus from you and apply the information to your marketing. Should you decide to include radio advertising, our radio copywriting experience will be put to full use to make your ad a "better" ad! We'll even assist you with the ad production, including helping with the selection of voice talent, if needed.

There's a classic story pdf file about the "power of radio" that's still told today, and with good reason. The story illustrates both the power of the imagination and the ability of radio waves to inspire it. While a picture may be worth 1,000 words and video even more, it's still important to remember that radio can be a very powerful medium for you!


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