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Print media might also be termed "traditional media." Marketing in print is almost as old as the printing process itself! Yet despite its age, print media remains a vibrant and essential part of most campaigns. From business cards to brochures, and from newspaper ads to catalogs, a presence in print is often crucial to your success in the marketplace. Printed media can offer information, instruction, and promotion in one compact package. With the addition of professional photography, the impact can be increased even more.

With the advent of other types of media, of course, your print media doesn't need to be supplanted, but it can be complemented! Your brochure, for example, might be made available for download from your Website. Photos not selected for a brochure or advertisement can be added to a Website as a photo gallery. Newsletters might be downloadable or even paraphrased for html email campaigns. Catalogs can become interactive booklets on the Internet. And, of course, your logo and other business themes carry through to signage, television, Websites, social media, and more.

Some businesses lend themselves best to a marketing program that's mostly focused on printed materials, while others may have very little print but a big electronic presence. Contact The ArtD'partment to discuss your own business and its unique needs. We'd be happy to work with you to help establish the best possible campaign for you!


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