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T-shirts (and other items of clothing) offer something no other marketing media can: Long-term, walking and talking "billboards!" Your business, select product(s), or event promoted via a t-shirt enjoys high visibility with few restrictions; your promotion continues as long as the shirts are worn; and the greatest focus of both is likely to be largely comprised of your target audience. Better still, all of these benefits come with a low and one-time cost!

Once you've determined a t-shirt is a good idea for a given campaign, however, there are a few other important considerations. Perhaps the most critical is the design of your shirt. After all, you wouldn't wear something you found unattractive, would you?

The ArtD'partment can design an image that promotes your campaign, ensures ongoing recognition for your business, and looks good while it does! We work with experienced professional printers which ensures your shirts will look good...and so will you! Contact us to discuss t-shirts or other premium products for your promotional needs.




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