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Professional Photography

With the broad availability of quality stock images for purchase and download off the Internet, is there still value in getting custom photos? According to the experts, the answer is unequivocal: Yes! (See the links at right for more of the reasoning behind that answer.)

Panoramic view across the private pond at Bay's Edge in Port Clinton, Ohio
Panoramic view by Eric Winkel

The ArtD'partment will work with you to determine what images are needed and how they can most effectively be used. Then we'll help you set up a photo shoot. We're able to take some types of photos ourselves; we also have relationships with professional photographers who specialize in various kinds of photography including aerial and large format. We can even help you plan to maximize the value so that photos taken today can be added to your own personal collection of "stock" images, and used tomorrow!

Aerial Photos

While aerial photography isn't the best, or even a good, choice for many applications, for others it's irreplaceable. A large property or land parcel, for example, may benefit greatly from being shown in its entirety and its full setting.

Aerial photography by Roger W. Fair.

Food Photos

Many foods can be difficult to photograph to show them at their best. At The ArtD'partment, we have the expertise to shoot some of those photos for you. Other more complex and difficult to shoot items (such as ice cream, for example, or some cooked meats) require specialty photography. The ArtD'partment can assist you with that, too!

Photography by Eric Winkel.


Whatever the reason you need to feature a landscape image (or several) in your marketing campaign, it's important to take into consideration a variety of factors. Everything from the time of day to the cloud cover, to the season and the photo framing, must be considered to ensure the best views.

Photography by Eric Winkel.






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