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Other Marketing Materials

There are probably as many marketing ideas and materials as there are things that need to be marketed! Many of these materials — often collectively referred to as "premiums" — are useful beyond the advertising they bear. The idea, of course, is that those who receive these "premiums" will hang onto them because they can use them. So every time he pulls that mini-flashlight out of his pocket, or each time she uses the pen you gave her to jot down a note, they're also reminded of your name and your product. Add to that the idea that everybody likes getting something for free, and you can have a real marketing winner!

T-shirts are, in general terms, "premiums" as well. But they're also walking, talking advertisements for you and your business, and in a category all their own.

The ArtD'partment works with select vendors to provide products to clients that include almost anything you can imagine! Regardless of your choices, the products, are customized for you, your business, and your audience. Before your next convention, trade show, or promotional appearance, contact The ArtD'partment to get started on some "premiums" of your own!



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