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Internet Marketing

Traditional Online Advertising

All of us who have ever surfed the Web are familiar with certain standard online ads, including the pop-up ad (no longer recommended by most). While the percentage of return on Internet advertising isn't as strong as that for print media (per impression vs. per mailng piece sent), it's also extremely low cost which means it remains a good value. The ArtD'partment can create banner, button, or other customized ads, optimized for Web display, and which meet the specifications of your chosen venue.

"Banner" ads are fairly standardized in size and certainly in proportion. They are often displayed at the top or bottom of a page, and occasionally also serve as content dividers.

Banner ad for Sandusky Bayshore KOA, Sandusky, Ohio

Banner ad for Ghostly Manor in Sandusky, Ohio

This banner was created for other Websites to use as a linking graphic.    

"Pay per Click"

The downside of "pay per click" campaigns is obviously the fact that, for every person who clicks on your ad, you have to pay. The upside? The "per click" price is usually very low, and Google AdWords can be another valuable tool in your marketing're the one who gets to set the maximum price you're willing to pay! There are certainly other services out there on the Internet, but the 800 pound gorilla of the market is Google and its AdWords service. The ArtD'partment can help you decide if a "pay per click" program is good for you and your business, and will work with you to determine your best bets for those keywords for which you'll submit your bids.

Social Media

Social Media online can be a valuable marketing tool.Yes, sites like Twitter and Facebook are a big deal. They're a big deal for a good reason: they're popular! That means both have a very large built-in audience, many members of which are probably interested in whatever it is that you're selling. Best of all, neither have to cost you a dime! There are, however, a couple of cautions:

First, your "home" pages in social media settings shouldn't be the default offered by the service. They should have an appearance as professional and customized to you and your business as is your own Website. Secondly, social media is a platform of immediacy. That's a big reason it's so popular, but it's also the downfall of those who are unwilling to spend a few minutes updating their timelines on a regular — and frequent! — basis. At The ArtD'partment, we offer services ranging from custom graphics to enhance your pages to ideas for updates on days when you're too busy or distracted to spend time thinking about what to add next to your timeline.

Don't forget that you can get a double bonus from your social media accounts, too. Not only can we link to your accounts from your Website, but we can set up a live Twitter feed and embed YouTube videos on your site pages!

Content Marketing

If any form of Internet marketing is more effective than others, it would be "content marketing." In short, that means you offer online content that users find helpful, intriguing, informative, or otherwise attractive. Content drives people to your Website, causes your Website to rank higher in searches, and makes other sites more inclined to link to yours.

At The ArtD'partment, we understand the importance of content, and we know how to optimize and market it for the best results. We can even provide content for you by bringing our copywriting and research skills to the fore! We'd be happy to discuss the benefits of online content with you in more detail. Just contact us!


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