The ArtD'partment, LLC


The History of The ArtD'partment

The Boy With the Boot in Washington Park, downtown Sandusky, Ohio

The "Boy With the Boot" statue is considered an historic symbol of the City of Sandusky. Photo by Eric Winkel.

Owner and Creative Director Eric Winkel established The ArtD'partment in 1992 as a freelance "agency." The concept behind the company was the notion that every business can afford top notch graphic design services if the artist — and thus the overhead — is there only when needed.

The ArtD'partment originally provided a wide range of services including design and print products. As technology has expanded, so has the variety of services offered by The ArtD'partment. While print advertising remains an integral part of the company's business, The ArtD'partment also offers services such as digital photography and Web site design, construction, and hosting.

The ArtD'partment became a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) in 2009.

The ArtD'partment Graphic Design Staff

The ArtD'partment emphasizes design in a wide range of styles and mediums. Past projects have spanned the gamut from children's coloring and activity books to newsletters, and from billboards to Web sites.

Creative Director and Owner Eric Winkel is with The ArtD'partment on a full time basis. A 1983 graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University, he has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a minor in economics. His specialties include design, numerous print applications, and original illustrations in a variety of media.

Graphic and Web Designer L.K. Hunt is with The ArtD'partment on a full time basis. She has a Technical Degree in Audio Communications, and has been awarded multiple Continuing Education Unit credits (CEUs) in HTML, CSS, Search Engine Optimization, and Marketing on the Internet among other Internet-related disciplines. Her specialties include copywriting for both print and electronic media, and Web projects.

Other associates who work with The ArtD'partment on a part-time or "as needed" basis are available to provide such services as vinyl production and application, t-shirt production, and more.


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